Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm not saying that you should do it, but I've never held firm to the notion that sex on the first night means that she's a hoe. For me it's not a disqualification on whether or not she's a keeper because it's easy to get caught up in the moment. Plus there are many other determining factors to consider so you must assess the whole situation.
However for a woman, sex can change everything. Maybe it's just me but it seems as if she feels she has given up a major component of her power, and Im not being sexist because references to "PUSSY POWER" are far too common in our society. After all she's certainly giving up a personal part of herself. And as a man you may not look at her differently but her actions do seem to change; whether it's her growing closer to you and having higher expectations of you, or she simply just wants to forget that it ever happened.

So I ask boys and girls, does having sex too soon really ruin the chances of something serious and if it does, how and why do you feel it does?

C.Mitchell , VM

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