Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Dont's for Facebook and Social Networks (no particular order):

Here are the top 10 things not to post or do on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network (no particular order):

1. Pics of food, we know what it is, everyone eats it. If it's not gourmet stop it!
2. Air out your dirty laundry, or argue with family/lovers.... nobody cares
3. Bitchn if it's not funny, as stated above nobody cares, unless it's funny
4. Mirror pics, if your under 21, I know someone has to like you.
5. Txt Tweet or take pics of yourself driving. Atlanta traffic sucks enough!
6. Post pics of fake sneakers on my or anyone else's wall...
7. Half naked low res pics, some chicks arent models and you know better
8. Flood people's wall and inbox with the same party, c'mon son!
9. Low Res club pics. Dont be cheap, pay the photog. if your phone sucks.
10. Complain about someone status. Nothing nice to say, say nothing.

- C.Mitchell

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